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Like, Totally Awesome! The '80s Ring - Untitled document If the popular culture (everything from dolls and toys to TV live-action shows, cartoons and even comm

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Like, Totally Awesome! The '80s Ring

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If the popular culture (everything from dolls and toys to TV live-action shows, cartoons and even commercials, from music to politics, from cars to cultural icons) of the 1980s enthralls you, you'll want to visit the sites in this ring!  Pictured on this page:  the original cast of Hill Street Blues, a 1981 summer replacement that became the forerunner of every realistic show we've got in the 21st century!  On the NavBar:  detail from EP (cassette in this case) cover for Chronic Town, the first release by the now iconic musical group R.E.M.


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Kink's 'Come Dancing' - 06/09/2013
Here's a re-post of a previous post, which is also sort-of a follow up to my last post on the great musical year of 1983. One of the biggest happenings of 1983 was the "Second British Invasion" of bands, which I have written about frequently on this blog.  This was the era of Culture Club, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, and so many others. One of the more interesting occurrences of the Second British Invasion was the re-emergence of the great '60s band, The Kinks, on American airwaves with their wonderful song "Come Dancing." This post was originally presented on November 9, 2011.   The Kinks first became well known during the first British Invasion of music groups during the 1964-1965 era, with hits such as " You Really Got Me ," and "All Day and All of the Night," and "Tired of Waiting for You."  In 1970, they again hit on both sides of the Atlantic, with " Lola ."  Although the Kinks continued to make music, and continued their popularity in the U.K., they largely disappeared from the U.S. charts during the '70s. Then in 1983, after an absence of many years, the Kinks joined in the Second British Invasion of the U.S. music charts, and had a big hit with a wonderful song called "Come Dancing." "Come Dancing" was a sentimental gem of a song which tenderly recalled times past. According to Wikipedia :    The song is a nostalgic look back at childhood memories of its writer: the Kinks' frontman Ray Davies, remembering his older sister going on dates to...

Repost: Kink's "Come Dancing"

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