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Manager: pagetv
I started this ring for the hard to categorize sites. Unusual and unique crafts are welcome as are all crafts as long as they are handmade.

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A Little More Knitting - 09/08/2013
I've been so busy lately with the store, the cafe, and the website, that I just haven't had time to knit much at all. (Or do anything really. Read? What's that? Write? I'm not sure I understand that word.) And when I do have a bit of time, I just feel so brain-tired that I really can't focus. But--and I'm not sure if I've mentioned this to you--our friend Don is moving away in a couple of weeks. Beyond the fact that Don is a long-time friend, he is an integral part of our gaming group, so--even though we have not had time to game in several months--we will miss him a lot. To that end, we are trying to make time to play before Don leaves. Like tonight. We all got together for a few hours to play something R had written. I always knit while gaming, as you know, so this helped me relieve that pressure valve, too. And it gave me a little time to work on the test knit that I am doing. (I couldn't knit on any of the Christmas presents, since everyone except M was there and I have already finished M's gift.) This is looking pretty good, trust me. I don't want to show you a picture because, as I've said before, this pattern is not published yet. It would be pretty rude of me to be showing around someone else's design before they were finished, wouldn't it? Manners . They're important.

A Little More Knitting

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