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Abuse Survivors - Support, intervention and information for survivors of rape, incest, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, mental abuse, emotio

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Abuse Survivors

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A First Attempt at Explaing How Borderline Personality Disorder Has Impacted My Life - 06/22/2013
(A side note - I'm not sure how long or in depth I will get, its a week today since a nasty fall which left my with post-concussion syndrome, neck and shoulder injuries, and week of doctor and lawyer issues.) Until a few months ago, anyone who brought up even the most remote possibility that I had BPD would've seen me explode with fury about how it was just a diagnosis that put the blame on a person who had been abused and blamed them for all the pain they suffered from what happened to them at some point in their life.  It was only after I spent 28 days at an inpatient program and the doctor who oversaw my treatment there (who happened to be the one person I formed any sort of bond with as far as the staff went), spoke to my outpatient psychiatrist that I began to accept the diagnosis.  My regular psychiatrist and I spent about two hours discussing it and for the first time ever there wasn't any disgust or blaming or judgement.  The main part of the discussion was actually how abuse sets up the factors that make it so easy to develop this disorder later on. When I spoke about this to my outpatient therapist she said she'd known this all along but knew the topic was off limits for discussion, I asked if she was able to handle it and she assured me she was.  Her ability to handle it lasted about a month.  The second to last time I saw her she made the remark that the way I felt about something was "crazy", which I took offense to.  When I wanted t...

A First Attempt at Explaing How Borderline Personality Disorder Has Impacted My Life

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